Kunming Scavenger Hunt, by Fadzi Gambiza ’16

July 23rd, 2015

This Sunday afternoon, all the students were told we would be participating in a scavenger hunt. Now, when I heard we would be doing a scavenger hunt, I was thinking that we would leisurely be looking around Kunming for famous buildings and a couple of city hotspots. HAH! Good one, Fadzi! What we did was actually the opposite.

The day started out with all the students being separated into their research pods, pretty routine stuff. Each group was then given 100 yuan. This was one of my favorite parts of the day. Who doesn’t like free money?! We boarded the buses, which took us down to the center of Kunming. One of our teachers, Yan Laoshi, then gave all the groups a set of missions to complete. He then told us we must find our way back to the bus by 7 pm to an undisclosed location, which only could be figured out by completing the other missions. To make things even better, he said if we didn’t get back to the bus, our group would have find our own way back to the hotel. However, each group had two adult chaperones with them in case of any emergencies. But, they were not allowed to help us. So, off we went.


All throughout the day, students were running around Kunming completing a range of simple, complicated, and funny missions. We were asked to go to a historical museum and find a specific artifact. We went to Green lake park and had to figure out the greatest number of boat rides we could take for the smallest amount of money in a 1 hour time frame. Yes, that was as confusing as it sounds. We had to take selfies in inflatable tubes on the lake.  We had to buy souvenirs, find and eat at specific restaurants, and learn different words in Chinese. These are just a few examples of the things we had to do, but I think you see that this wasn’t your typical hunt. However, the students from China in our groups definitely played a huge part in helping us navigate the city. Luckily, by 7 pm all the groups arrived back to the bus. Although we were a bit tired (exhausted), I feel we all were pretty proud that we found our way back.


Overall, I thought that this was one of the best days at Bask so far. This wasn’t just because my team won the scavenger hunt (GO Team Yulong Mountain!!), but the day was a great bonding experience for all of the groups. In addition, as many people say, there is no better way of exploring a city than by getting lost in it with friends.


I want to give a huge shout out to Yan Laoshi, Shang Laoshi, and all the teachers who helped with the scavenger hunt. This was an enjoyable day where we got to experience Chinese culture first hand and understand more about the city we are studying.

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