First Days in Kunming, by Mika Curran ’17

大家好! That means Hello Everyone! Today was our first full day in Kunming, which is a large city in the Yunnan province. Our hotel, which is comprised of a total of 4 floors, is literally right next to the school in which we are taking classes. It is just a short five minute walk to the gated campus. The school is very indoor-outdoor themed with the doors of the classrooms opening out right onto open hallways.

After breakfast at the hotel, we started out the day with morning exercises in the school’s gymnasium. “Morning exercises” were led by the Chinese students. They are best described as a choreographed dance with the purpose of stretching. Following the dance, we were paired with our language and culture partner, basically a chinese student that was matched to us based on Cai Laoshi’s interviews. Upon meeting our LCP’s we were split into two seperate groups, the H’s and the O’s. Why these letters? Give it a thought and I’ll tell you at the end.

Anyways, we had two 90 minute classes, snack time, and then another class. After the third class, we had lunch. Lunch was served in the hotel and then we would have our last class. The classes alternate based off of your group but there are five different kinds: Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Ethics, and Language.

After our last class we went back to the gymanasium and played indoor games due to the on and off rainy weather. Games included badmitten, soccer, basketball, and ping pong. After sports we had free time during you could walk to the local mall or go back to the hotel.

After dinner, which we ate in the hotel, and we had study hours from 8-10 during which we worked with our partners on the homework assigned that day.

P.S. O group H group… *cough cough* H2O

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