DaLi to LiJiang, by Allison Roth ’14

Today we checked out of the hotel in DaLi and drove to LiJiang. On the way, we stopped at a nearby lake to see the effects of water pollution first hand. This lake, Lake ErHai, is one of the biggest in China. Although it is significantly cleaner than Lake Dianchi, the lake we visited last week, the inland areas of the lake are severely affected to the point where the entire surface is covered in algae. Although this appears as green and flourishing, we have learned that overgrowth of algae resulting from too much nitrogen and other pollutant nutrients in the water has numerous negative effects on the water ecosystem and the larger environment. We arrived at the hotel in LiJiang around 5pm. After settling into the new hotel, we were given free time to spend the night exploring LiJiang old town. After enjoying dinner and shopping on the old streets of LiJiang, everyone returned to the hotel to celebrate Matthew’s 18th birthday with cake and a dance party. Attached are pictures from the day.


3 thoughts on “DaLi to LiJiang, by Allison Roth ’14”

  1. Great job Allison! Mr. Hodgson, I also read about your wonderful blog. Happy Birthday Matt—now you can vote! Zainab, thanks for your emal. Brian, I emailed you and have yet to hear back from you. I am still your advisor for life even though I am at beautiful Groton. Our Groton students just went to Peru while others just returned from Tanzania. Global on the go! Well done PA.

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